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Our expert mentors make sure that every medical student is not just prepared theoretically for their entrance exams but also for the practical sessions to come ahead in their medical life. At vidyamandir we make sure that our students are build-up sharply and strongly.

Most of the young student studying in the science stream has a dream of building their career in medical. Medical has come a long way with numerous innovations or inventions which helps making  human life much more healthier and less complicated by reducing their efforts to a great extent. Many leading medical colleges today are producing talented doctors with the potential to make significant mark in the field of medical and technology. These colleges conduct national level entrance examinations like MH-CET, NEET, AIIMS, AIMPT and state joint entrances are also conducted through which only deserving candidates are selected.


Now the question is how tough are these entrances? Well, the answer is simple very tough. These entrance examinations require an advanced stage of preparation which students have to take in the right way. But how do they do it? Where will they find the suitable help for these entrances? Your worries end at Vidyamadnir Coaching Class Sanpada Vashi, where we know that the preparations for these entrance exams are absolutely important for students and they should prepare in the right manner.

With the proper guidance and experience staff at vidyamandir coaching classes, we enhance the maximum chances of student’s ability to crack the entrances and get into a leading medical college. At our coaching institute, Vashi sanpada we train our students in the latest particular format of the entrance examination and students are well equipped with the latest entrance syllabus as well, we monitor and follow a particular process in their approach to help the students prepare for their entrance examination.

  Vidyamandir Coaching Classes Gives You

Progress Report and Analysis – The institute will monitor the performance of a student from time to time and update them about the results and where they stand. This helps students to work harder and be aware of their preparations. In this ways students also get to know which subject is giving them the most trouble and how much more effort they should put into that particular area.

Marks Prediction & Evaluation – Students can be told on the basis of their preparation how much they will score in the exams. This helps students to focus better before the exam and they are able to prepare accordingly as well. Also on the basis of the answers in the exams, students can be told their score in their entrance.

Continuous Round the Clock Support – One can expect continuous round the clock support from vidyamandir online which allows students to interact with faculty and clear their doubts easily during the stage of preparation.

Date Wise Time Table – we prepare according to the time table set by our institute that can help students finish the syllabus properly without wasting time. This helps students to prepare better and revise more and more before their exams.

All medical entrance are quite tough to crack and students have a hard time getting through the leading medical colleges in the country. Vidyamandir coaching classes can help students reach their goal easily by helping them with the advance preparation programs.


⇒ 2) AIIMS
⇒ 3) MH-CET

   Choosing medical stream means 

⇒ You are passionate to reduce the pain of people and help them lead a healthy and happy life.
⇒ You are humble and a good listener to understand and feel the physical and emotional pain and experiences of patients.
⇒ You are a good communicator to make the patients understand their problems and ailments.
⇒ You are diligent, emotionally supportive and stable and you do not get troubled listening to someone’s sufferings.
⇒ You possess a good reading habit and remembering the facts. It will also help you to clear the entrance examinations.
⇒ You always remain alert and attentive and can comfortably work for long hours.

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